Winter Newsletter 2013

Straight from the horse’s mouth…

Winter Newsletter 2013, click here to download the pdf or click on the links below to read the articles on:

by Elise Parkinson BVSc MRCVS
by Reuben Whittaker BVSc MRCV


Milbourn Equine are offering a winter health check for your horse. This covers a full clinical examination of heart, lungs, skin, eyes and action, a blood sample is taken to test your horse’s internal organs and a faecal sample is also taken and tested for worms (lab fees included in price). Whilst there the vet will also look inside your horse’s mouth and check if any dental work is required, a routine rasp is included, but more extensive dental work will require another visit. This is a great opportunity to discuss any queries you have about your horse’s performance or health with a vet. These checks are especially useful if you have a veteran horse who may struggle with the changing weather and are also advisable for competition horses to resolve any issues quickly and ensure they are in peak condition for the forthcoming competition season. Only £95 (inc VAT) + visit fee (Can be done on a zone visit)