Purple Poppy Appeal

Please join us in remembering and paying tribute to the millions of horses, donkeys and mules that served and were lost during The Great War.
The Purple Poppy Appeal was set up to honour these amazing animals and here at Milbourn Equine we will be selling purple poppy pins with all proceeds going to The War Horse Memorial.

You can also make a donation using the link below.
Thank You.

Special Offer throughout September – £10 Off Dental Rasping

We recommend that all horses undergo a dental examination at least once a year.  Some horses such as those expected to perform at a high level and those with specific dental abnormalities might benefit from more frequent examinations.

Our vets have all received full dentistry training during their time at University and are more than happy to carry out dental treatment on your horse. In addition they can also administer drugs such as sedatives, local anaesthetics and pain killer drugs allowing safer more comfortable treatment. Rasping can also be combined with one of our £10 Zone Visits making us very competitively priced. Why not call us to find out more!