Milbourn Equine Vets – About Us

Milbourn Equine Ltd was formed following the amalgamation of the equine division of Cinque Ports Veterinary Group and Milbourn Equine Veterinary Clinic following a transition period from 2005 during which time the practices pooled resources to purchase equipment and share expertise.

Milbourn Equine Vets

Milbourn Equine Veterinary Clinic was established in 1972 by John Ayliffe and Peter Cantor and was built by Ted Milbourn, hence the name. It was the first Equine Hospital in England and provided specialist equine veterinary care throughout Kent and Sussex.

Following the retirement of John Ayliffe, the clinic was run by Peter Cantor along with two assistant vets before being purchased in 2005 by David McDonald.

In 2008 Milbourn Equine joined forces with the Equine division of Cinque Ports Veterinary Group before forming the solely equine Milbourn Equine Vets Ltd in 2011.

In 2018 Milbourn Equine and Cinque Ports Vets joined the Linnaeus Group who own veterinary practices nationwide. This will provide long term stability for the practice with opportunities for future investment. The day to day running of the practice will be unchanged and please be assured that it is very much business as usual. We look forward to continuing to provide the excellent service you have come to expect from all of us at Milbourn Equine and Cinque Ports Vets.

Cinque Ports Veterinary Group

Cinque Ports Veterinary Group (CPVG) was established as a mixed, predominantly farm practice by Mr Munslow in the 1930’s. Ron Ogle arrived as an assistant in 1943 following Mr Munslow’s departure to serve in the RAF and subsequently bought the practice in 1945.

Following military service, John Clark joined in 1952 and opened the practice in Tenterden, initially at Greythorne House then at Highlands, now Tenterden Veterinary Surgery, in 1967, where it was jointly managed by Peter Teale.

Tim Brodrick entered the practice in 1966 and developed the practice at Rye, followed by Nick Mills in 1983 and opened a surgery in Hawkhurst. The Hawkhurst surgery soon grew and moved to the present Springfield site which included an equine facility. Nick Mills was an internationally known figure in the equine insurance industry having provided advice to all major bloodstock insurers prior to his untimely death in November 2008.

Richard Williams joined the partnership in 1993 and was instrumental in the development of the Lydd and Kingsnorth surgeries. Richard retired from the practice in 2019.

Howard Newitt has worked at Hawkhurst since 1997 and became a director in 2002, leaving in 2019.

During that time, the practice has evolved from a mixed practice into a modern equine practice particularly following the merger with Milbourn Equine in 2008.

Sharon Marsh became a director in 2009 and was responsible for the opening of the Wye surgery in 2010.

By the turn of the century CPVG’s workload, like the majority of farm practices in the UK, had shifted from predominantly farm animal work to significantly more small animal and equine clients. It soon became the case that the vets employed within the practice were employed to do either large animal or small animal work. The equine division subsequently joined forces with Milbourn Equine Veterinary Clinic to form Milbourn Equine Ltd.

The continued decline in farm animal work caused difficulties in recruiting suitably qualified vets to deal with these species and thus caused difficulty with providing a continually reliable and high quality service to our farming clients. The difficult decision to inform farm clients that CPVG could, regrettably no longer provide a service for their farm animals was made in 2010.

Cinque Ports Vets continues to look forward and completed a major refurbishment of both our Hawkhurst and Lydd branches with a refurbishment planned for our Rye branch.