Equine Healthcare Plan

At Milbourn Equine we want to help you give your horse or pony the best care possible. We know that prevention is better than cure and want to make this approach as simple and convenient for you as we can.

Health Plans are not insurance, instead they provide regular checks along with preventative medication to keep your horse’s day to day health in the best possible condition.

As part of our commitment to your horse’s wellbeing we offer more convenient monthly payments and as a reward for your commitment to preventative care, we also give you discounts on selected treatments and products. Our plan is available for horses, ponies or donkeys from any age.

 Milbourn Equine Healthcare Plan Leaflet

You can pop in to your local branch, speak to your vet or give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to discuss the details of the plan further. Please complete our form if you would like an application form sent to you or you wish us to contact you to discuss the plans.

When you are ready to sign up you can either complete our application form from your vet or the office or alternatively call Simply Health on 0800 1699958 to set up your direct debit.


Our Milbourn Equine Healthcare Plans provide your horse with:




Annual flu vaccination
Tetanus vaccination (every 2 years)
Annual healthcheck inc weight check & trot up assessment
Annual Zone Visit
Dental check & routine rasp inc sedation (one per year)
Free insurance form completion
25% off worm egg counts  
4 worm egg counts per year & tailored worming advice  
Equisal tapeworm test (saliva) & 10% discount on any wormers required  
One ACTH monitoring test and blood sample per year  
10% off Milbourn supplements & fly repellents  
10% off lifetime care medication  

Monthly Payment




N.B Please note for Worm Egg Counts you need to bring in the faecal samples for testing Monday to Thursday in a plastic bag labelled with your horse’s name and surname.