Milbourn Equine Vets provide gold standard care and a compassionate service, building personal, trusting relationships with our clients. We have a large team of dedicated equine veterinary surgeons with a range of interests in various equine disciplines and we understand the importance of continuity of care to our clients.

We provide a wide range of services most of which can be performed at your yard or premises. Alternatively you can come to our clinic where ample parking is available. 

Milbourn Equine Services

Visits & Examinations

We offer a diverse range of options for any one of our veterinary team to examine your horse ranging from in clinic to discounted Zone Visits.

Pre Purchase Vettings

Our experienced team of equine vets regularly perform pre-purchase examinations throughout the South-East.

Castration & Surgical Procedure

Castration is a routine procedure most commonly performed in young colts in order to prevent unwanted breeding and aid management.


By undertaking regular examinations, severe, painful dental related problems can be minimised or prevented. Our vets are fully trained and experienced in providing all the dental care your horse needs.


A flexible endoscope (camera) can be used in respiratory and gastrointestinal body systems to help aid in diagnosis.

Dynamic Endoscopy

Lameness Investigation

Lame horses are one of the most common presentations to us and a source of great frustration to their riders! We offer comprehensive lameness investigations to diagnose any issues.

Stud Medicine

We offer comprehensive packages for pregnancy scanning, preparation for natural cover, artificial insemination (fresh and frozen semen) and embryo transfer alongside full advice and care of your mare throughout pregnancy and post foaling.

Internal Medicine

Medicine cases are common requests for veterinary attention and include weight loss, respiratory disease, colic, anaemia, liver disease, skin and eye problems.


Euthanasia is a difficult subject to consider, but our aim is to help support and provide dignified end of life care.

Equine Healthcare Plan

At Milbourn Equine we understand how important to you it is to give your horse or pony the best care possible.

Worming Programme

Other Services

Other Services include those listed below. Click on the links to view more information.

Winter Health Check
Local Authority & Riding School Inspections