Pastures New

We are very sad to announce after 22 years Howard Newitt is leaving the practice in July to take-up an exciting new challenge running a stud in Ireland. The Milbourn vet team of Katie, Harriet and Catarina will continue to look after our Hawkhurst clients in conjunction with Clinical Director David McDonald. We are currently recruiting for a replacement for Howard and he’s worried that our clients may prefer the replacement! Howard said “It was a hard decision to make to move on from the many friends that I’ve made during my time here but it’s time for a new challenge for me and for someone else to take the practice forwards on their own style.”

Stamping Out Flu Campaign

You may have seen several reports lately about flu outbreaks here and across in France.

Equine Flu is an infectious disease affecting the upper respiratory tract of horses. It is prevalent in the UK and a horse with flu needs complete rest and isolation, often putting them out of action for weeks.

Milbourn Equine are teaming up with Boehringer to offer our clients whose horse’s immunity against flu has lapsed a free flu vaccination as part of a course throughout the month of February.

Please call to book a visit now.

**Vaccine cost only, visit fee and administration fees still apply. The offer is only open to horses that are over 9 months of age and have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue an annual booster.  Vaccination to take place in the offer month.

Does your horse have a sarcoid?

Sarcoids are the most common skin tumour in horses. If not treated effectively they can grow and/or spread and in extreme cases can end a horse’s athletic career.
Laser surgery is one of the best techniques for sarcoid removal and is usually completely curative. It uses a high intensity beam of light to cut around the growth, before leaving the resulting wound open (without stitches) to heal by itself. The procedure is carried out under standing sedation using local anaesthetic, and is usually very well tolerated by the patient.
On 21st January 2019 Milbourn Equine will be holding a special Sarcoid Clinic, where we will be offering laser surgery at discounted prices.
Horses will need to be dropped off at the Sevington practice in the morning and picked up later that day. Prices are detailed below and include all sedation, medications and stabling.
If you would like more information, or would like to book a place for your horse, please ring the Sevington practice (01233 500505).
1 sarcoid £400 + VAT
2 sarcoids £450 + VAT
3 or more sarcoids £500 + VAT

5 Jobs to do before next spring!  

  1. Ensure your horses and ponies are the CORRECT WEIGHT- if they are overweight, now is the ideal time to do something about it. If they are carrying too much weight, they will be prone to laminitis when the spring grass comes through… prevention is better than cure! Having an accurate weight for your horse is essential so you can worm and feed accurately. Milbourn Equine Vets have a mobile weighbridge that can be brought to your yard if a group wish to have a weigh in! Please call us to arrange.
  2. Check your WORMING PROGRAMME meets the current recommendations: all horses and ponies should be wormed for encysted redworm yearly and tapeworm twice yearly regardless of their Worm Egg Count results. This is because these worms are not detected by WEC. Equisal Tapeworm saliva test can be used to identify whether your horse has a tapeworm burden and is available from the practice. Worm Egg Counts are run here at Milbourn Equine, with a result, Veterinary Advice on wormers and worm management usually the next day!
  3. Double-check your horse’s VACCINATIONS are up to date before the competition season starts. Remember that ALL horses should be vaccinated for tetanus every two years as this disease lives in the soil and vaccination will offer protection on the occasions when minor wounds could be a problem. Pregnant mares should receive Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) vaccinations at months 5, 7 and 9 of pregnancy as this virus is known to cause abortion.
  4. Take advantage of our competitively priced DENTAL work to ensure your horse’s mouth and teeth are healthy and any problems treated before the Spring. Horses are incredibly good at hiding severe dental pain – so often problems such as tooth infections and fractures are only picked up on routine examinations!
  5. Make sure your FLY RUGS AND FLY MASKS are clean and repaired if necessary, so that they are ready to be used as soon as they are required.

Katie and Howard’s Eventful Year

Our vet Katie has had an amazing year –

”After a fabulous eventing season with the incredible ‘pocket rocket’ TJ including 8th at Chatsworth 3*, 18th in our first 4* event (the highest level) at Luhmuhlen in Germany and 17th in the British Open Championships we headed to the prestigious Burghley Horse Trials – a real childhood dream!! It was just the most incredible experience from start to finish. I was certainly more excited than nervous and loved every minute being there with such a special horse – we achieved a personal best dressage and he gave me the most thrilling xc ride to finish clear and fast and very happy. He came out sound and full of energy for the SJ and jumped amazingly to finish 24th – such an amazing result I still can’t believe it!! Great to have Harriet Fairhurst by my side too taking great care of TJ and being nervous for me.

To cap my amazing season I have been shortlisted for the prestigious Horse and Hound Awards – Amateur Rider of the year. The winner is announced at their gala ceremony at Cheltenham racecourse which will be another exciting evening for me.”

Katie went on to win Amateur Rider of the year and we are sure 2019 will be even more successful for her and TJ.


Howard Newitt at the World Equestrian Games

Our Hawkhurst Clinical Director Howard Newitt was invited to be part of the FEI Veterinary Commission at the recent World Equestrian Games in Tryon, USA.

”The veterinary commission is responsible for the welfare of the horses including conducting the horse inspections (trot-ups) and ensuring that medication requests are within the rules. We also were part of the quarantine team assessing all non-USA horses during their 42hour quarantine.

There were horses competing from nations from all corners of the globe and it was a fantastic experience to see all of the different types of elite horses and meet people from many countries. The difficulties with the venue have been well publicised but we should consider that the organisers took the games on at short notice when the original venue (Bromont, Canada) pulled out so without them there would have been no World Games.

Many of the people working at the games are volunteers and if any of you get the opportunity to volunteer at a major sporting event, I would encourage you to take it as it will be a unique time to meet lots of interesting people and to get involved with elite sports stars.”

New Equine ID regulations

The government has recently introduced a new law that takes effect in October 2020 which requires all horses and donkeys to have a microchip. At present, all horses and donkeys need to have a microchip to obtain a passport but older horses may have a passport which was issued before microchipping became compulsory. For these horses, a microchip will need to be inserted before October 2020. This can be performed on a zone or standard visit at a charge of £31.50.

Competition Time!

Sync Equine is pleased to offer a complimentary free body assessment to Milbourn Equine Vets patients. It’s a unique test of the body’s physiology and has been recognised as a useful tool in:

  • Lameness investigation
  • Pain and behavioural assessments
  • Poor performance evaluation
  • Monitoring rehabilitation
  • Preventative care

The Full body assessment Sync Equine are offering to Milbourn Equine clients can guide the veterinary team during the next stages of the investigation. In around 90 minutes it takes to gather the data – you and your veterinary team can see the map of your horse’s physiology. It allows your vet to have a comprehensive picture of potential complex play between primary pathology and secondary compensation issues.
To be in with a chance to win comment on the facebook post, email Yogi Sharp (or come along to our client evening) and tell us why you’d like your horse to win.
The draw will take place during the Milbourn Equine client evening on 28th of November 2018. If you’d like to join Sync Equine’s technician Yogi and our Milbourn team there here’s the link to the event: