New Product – Milbourn Equine Veterinary Immunity Aid

Introducing our new Milbourn Equine Veterinary Immunity Aid, designed to support Respiratory & Immune Function by:

  • Improving immunity and ability to fight an infections challenge.
  • Enhancement of immunity through lgA production in the lung.
  • The reduction of coughing and respiratory irritation.
  • Enhancement of mucus secretion

Contains Echinacea, seaweed extract, oregano, garlic and rosemary with added vitamin C.

£11.53 for a 60ml syringe.


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Stunning Stallion Ramie is centre stage..


Annie Neame’s stunning stallion Ramie has had the honour of being centre stage for the wedding of Annie’s daughter Danielle to Simon Spinney on the 14th September of this year. They all had a wonderful day and wanted to share some wonderful photos and memories on Milbourn Equine’s website for everyone to see.

Annie & Ramie have been clients of Milbourn Equine since November 2009. This year he has been extremely busy fathering 2 stunning filly foals and has 2 more foals expected early next year!!!!

Milbourn Equine wish Danielle and Simon every happiness in their new life together and look forward to being introduced to Ramie’s family in the future.

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New Equine Nurse joins the team.

sraha01Sara has recently joined our nursing team after living in Australia for four years riding track work and equine vet nursing. This followed a fourteen year stint in Japan pre training and breaking for the racing industry.
As a professional qualified photographer specializing in equine and sport a lot of her spare time is spent behind the camera on various shoots. Most of all Sara likes to spend time with her son Bart.

Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to our blog where we will be sharing news and views about your  horses because we care about them as much as you do.

We would love your comments and to know what you would like us to bring you information on so please tell us.

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Rita Dingwall 

Group Practice Manager