An Interesting Case!

Ultrasound scanning is often thought of as only for tendons and reproductive work. However recently at the Sevington practice we saw an eye case that benefited from a scan.

The owner had noticed the horse becoming spookier than usual. An examination revealed the eye was blind, but it was impossible to assess the deeper structures. Thankfully, we can easily scan through the eyelid to get an image of the entire eye – this is a simple and non-painful procedure which usually doesn’t even require sedation.

The scans revealed a large irregular object in the back of the eye. The object could be a tumour, a blood clot or a detached retina. A cataract was also visible, although irrelevant to this case. The mare was adjusting well to her sight loss and was not in pain, so it was decided to repeat the scan in six months to check for any changes.