Allumee Godden

I would like to enter my horse Allumee in the equine of the month competition.

He is a TB ex racehorse, he is 18 years old.

As you can imagine he has sustained numerous amounts of injuries, one being (since I’ve owned him) that he pulled his suspensory ligament which meant he was on box rest for months and we wasn’t sure whether he would be rideable again.

However, with lots of love, time, patience and veterinary care from Milbourn Equine Vets he slowly got better and is now enjoy life.

Since retiring from racing he now does a bit of show jumping and we go out Cross country schooling and basically just have fun. He is the most calm, lovely natured horse I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Kelly Godden

Patch Thompson

Hi my name is Molly Thompson and I’m 9 years old & this is my Irish pony Patch. He use to shy away from puddles and generally water especially at XC and so I made it my mission to get him use to it, now I take my pony swimming and he loves it. First in and last out, it’s a great way to gain trust with your pony and our bond has gotten stronger. He loves to dip his whole face under, that’s how confident he’s got. I like this photo as it shows it’s not all about the riding and competing, it’s about having fun and that’s exactly what we do.
Thank you
Molly Thompson

Jambo Jenkins

I couldn’t decide which picture to send as I wanted to share and express my gratitude to David at Milbourn for successfully treating my horse Jambo after he was scoped on one of your monthly clinics only to find he had gastric ulcers … he is now back in gentle work and back to being the loving kind horse that I rescued exactly a year ago after having some very nasty horrid and scary painful behavioural moments. Jambo really is my everything from my therapy, medicine my best friend he keeps me positive and up beat whilst I’m dealing with my own cancer diagnosis and treatment this picture captures a moment of hope and relief … thank you all at Milbourn for keeping the faith with Jambo my love and ray of sunshine x

Caroline Jenkins