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World Equestrian Games 2018 – Exciting news!

We are very excited to announce that our Hawkhurst Clinical Director, Howard Newitt has been invited by the FEI to form part of the veterinary commission at the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina (https://tryon2018.com/).

This is a great honour as only a handful of vets are invited from across the globe to be part of the FEI veterinary team who will officiate at the horse inspections (trot-ups) and have overall responsibility for the welfare of the horses at the games. This appointment results from Howard’s 12 years as an FEI vet which includes previous appointments at local eventing & reining competitions, British Young Horse Eventing championships,  Junior European Reining championships & London Paralympic dressage.

Howard will be away for two weeks in September for the games which he is trying to convince everyone is all work and no pleasure!

Milbourn Equine Healthcare Plan

At Milbourn Equine we understand how important to you it is to give your horse or pony the best care possible.

We have developed our Healthcare Plan to allow you to spread the cost of that care through monthly direct debits that are convenient and also secure.

Our Equine Healthcare Plan is not insurance, instead it provides regular health & dental checks, vaccinations and worm egg counts.

VP3755 Milborn Equine Plan Brochure.inddOur plan is available for horses,ponies or donkeys from any age. You will also receive a £1.00 discount per month for every additional equine you register.
Extra benefits include discount on selected products or services that you may require for your horse. You will also receive a FREE branded head collar and lead rope on signing up to our plan. Find out more or call your local branch.

Milbourn Equine and Barretts Land Rover


Would you like £200 to spend towards your vet bills?

Barretts Land Rover and Jaguar are offering Milbourn Equine clients a £200 credit voucher. All you have to do is buy a new or used car from Barretts Land Rover or Jaguar and produce proof that you are a client of Milbourn Equine.

Terms and conditions apply.

Barretts 2016

Milbourn Equine Gastroscope Clinics

Do you suspect your horse is suffering from gastric ulcers?
Gastric ulcerations are very common, recent studies have shown up to 98% of racehorses and up to 53% of leisure horses are affected.

Symptoms are often vague and can include:

• Poor performance
• Changes in behaviour
• Weight loss/ failure to maintain condition
• Colic
• Girthing pain
• Poor coat condition

Once diagnosed gastric ulcers can be treated quickly and effectively with medication and horses usually return to their former level of performance. Milbourn Equine offer twice monthly gastroscope clinics at Benenden and Sevington, where you can book in to bring your horse along for a gastroscope at a reduced price.

Scoping in your yard is also available by appointment – please ring for details


Benenden Gastroscope Dates

18th November 2015

16th December 2015

20th January 2016

17th February 2016

Winter Health Checks For Your Horse

winter-horse-healthcare_clip_image002With Winter fast approaching now is the time to start thinking about preparing your horse for the winter ahead. Why not take advantage of Milbourn Equine Winter Health Checks.
They are especially useful if you have a veteran horse who may struggle with the changing weather and are also advisable for competition horses to resolve any issues quickly and ensure they are in peak condition ready for the competition season ahead.

Call us now to book or find out more

Horses and Fireworks


Even the most sensible of horses can be frightened by fireworks. The BHS has put together information to help you cope with fireworks, which now seem to be around on many occasions throughout the year. Be safe this firework season.



Client Afternoon – Sunday 4th October Saddlesdane Equestrian Centre

Come and join us on Sunday 4th October 2pm at Saddlesdane Equestrian Centre.

David McDonald will be discussing new dental procedures and there will be ridden demonstrations by Daniel Watson – International Grand Prix Dressage rider and Nicola Naylor –International Grand Prix Para Dressage Rider.


Tickets are FREE but spaces limited so please call 01233 500505 to book. Refreshments will be available. Find out more


Would you like £200 credit voucher towards your vet bills?

Barretts-Milbourn-promo-leaflet-revisedBarretts Land Rover and Jaguar are offering Milbourn Equine clients a £200 credit voucher towards their vet bills. All you have to do is buy a new or used car from Barretts Land Rover or Jaguar and produce proof that you are a client of Milbourn Equine. Call our Ashford practice on 01233 500505 for further details. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more

Back on Track


Take advantage of the latest Milbourn Equine & Merial offer in June & July and get those vaccinations back on track.

In partnership with Merial, we are offering a discounted primary vaccination course;  £61.50 (flu & tetanus) or £57.50 (flu) for the first two vaccinations – a saving of £20.50 off the usual price.

unnamedVERY IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT – This offer is open to all equines over 12 months of age that have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue a booster.  Any visit fee must be borne by the horse owner.




Buying a horse is both an exciting and nerve wracking time and we recommend a pre-purchase vetting to help reduce some of the risk associated with the potential purchase!

Pre-purchase vettings are intended to provide the buyer with enough information to decide whether the horse will meet their needs as contrary to popular belief, they are not a simple pass/fail. A pre-purchase vetting is not a lifetime guarantee of soundness but a risk assessment of that horse on the day which will hopefully show up any potential future issues.

force for good 2nd edit-264There is a saying that any horse can be sold, you just need to find the right buyer and the right price…the pre-purchase vetting will detect abnormalities in most horses but the question is whether they will be significant for the intended use of the horse. This is where an good conversation with your vet is important so that he/she understands what you intend to do with the horse and can then best advise you on the significance of any findings. It is important that you mention anything that concerned you when trying the horse as the horse may not reproduce it when the vet is watching!

The examination consists of five stages which incorporate an examination at rest, moving in hand and usually ridden exercise. Young or unbroken horses may only have a restricted or two stage examination which does not involve a ridden assessment.

Should you have X-rays, endoscopy etc. at the vetting?

X-rays are commonly taken for insurance requirements for horses valued over £10,000. Your vet may recommend x-rays if there are concerns regarding a particular joint during the examination. If you are buying the horse to produce and sell on then x-rays may be taken to ensure that there are no problems such as bone chips which may be detected at a subsequent vetting.

It should be remembered that x-rays only show bone changes so for example, just because a horse has clean foot x-rays does not mean that it cannot go lame in the feet due to a soft tissue injury. Endoscopy of the upper airways may be performed if the horse makes an abnormal breathing noise at exercise (whistle) or if the horse is intended for strenuous pursuits such as racing or eventing.