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Hawkhurst Evening Talk

Thank you to everyone who came along to our evening talk on the 5th April at Bodiam International Arena and Leisure Club.


Juliette from Merial provided a very informative talk on equine flu and the importance of vaccinating.  A horse with flu needs complete rest and isolation, often putting them out of action for weeks. In addition to this, outbreaks can affect competitions at all levels, potentially resulting in the cancellation of events in order to control the spread of disease. The equine flu virus evolves and changes constantly and it is important that its development is monitored in order to ensure vaccines protect against the circulating strains.

Our Back on Track campaign is running throughout April offering a 25% discount if your horse’s flu vaccinations have lapsed. Do call us to take advantage of this special offer.


John Haizelden from ESFRS Large Animal Rescue explained more about the important job they do rescuing horses and other large animals!

The ESFRS Large Animal Rescue are also holding an Equine Safety Day informing about the dangers you should be aware of and giving you the opportunity to get your trailer or horsebox safety checked.


We also raised £95.20 for The British Horse Society Changing lives through horses campaign from the raffle on the night.

Don’t forget our next talk will be at our Sevington Clinic in Ashford on Gastric Ulcers April 25th so reserve your free place now!

Equine Flu Awareness Month – April 2016

Facebook logoMilbourn Equine are pleased to be supporting Animal Health Trust and Merial‘s Equine Flu Awareness Month initiative.

During April we are offering the opportunity for all eligible horses to receive a discounted restart primary vaccination course, saving you 25%

Why not restart now, taking advantage of this great offer combined with one of our £10 Zone Visits for even better value! Call your local branch now to arrange a visit.

Snotty nose

Equine flu is not spread by direct contact alone. It can travel more than 2km in the air and be passed on via tack or equipment, quickly spreading from an individual to the whole yard and beyond. Clinical signs can be subtle, especially in horses with a history of vaccination. Horses presenting with as little as a low-grade cough and/or serous nasal discharge should arouse suspicion.

VERY IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT – This offer is open to all equines over 12 months of age that have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue a booster.  Any visit fee must be borne by the horse owner.

Saddlesdane Client Afternoon

On a beautiful October Sunday afternoon Milbourn Equine had a client afternoon at Saddlesdane Equestrian centre, Faversham.

Our sister company Cinque Ports Vets joined us with a trade table. Merial, manufacturers of equine vaccines kindly came along to give a talk about the importance of vaccinating horses and the problems that can happen if they lapse. Merial also kindly sponsored the afternoon.


We were very fortunate to have Daniel Watson, International Grand Prix Dressage rider and Nicola Naylor, International Grand Prix Para Dressage rider, demonstrating and instructing on how to enable your horse to perform to the highest standard.


Everyone was very impressed with both riders especially how Nicola used the arena without any problems, being blind.

David McDonald gave a brief talk explaining our new Dental protocol that Milbourn are now using.

The afternoon was a huge success with 70 clients and numerous team members attending  and we look forward to the next client evening in the New Year.

Find out more information about protecting your horse against Equine Flu www.facebook.com/horsefittogo

More photos available on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/MilbournEquine

Back on Track


Take advantage of the latest Milbourn Equine & Merial offer in June & July and get those vaccinations back on track.

In partnership with Merial, we are offering a discounted primary vaccination course;  £61.50 (flu & tetanus) or £57.50 (flu) for the first two vaccinations – a saving of £20.50 off the usual price.

unnamedVERY IMPORTANT SMALL PRINT – This offer is open to all equines over 12 months of age that have not yet been vaccinated against equine influenza or are overdue a booster.  Any visit fee must be borne by the horse owner.